Should Malta scrap formal school uniforms?

This week teachers and parents will be given the chance to have their voices heard on whether to scrap traditional tie and blazer school uniforms in favour of the sports tracksuits.

Throughout the week a public consultation, launched by Education Minister Evarist Bartolo, will be asking parents and teachers whether state school uniforms should be changed, simplified or totally removed.

Earlier this year students at both primary and secondary government schools had been asked whether they would prefer to stick with the traditional school uniform or ditch it in favour of the comfortable tracksuit.

More than nine out of ten said they would prefer a tracksuit. Just 5% said they would prefer to stick with the blazer or skirt whilst the remaining 4% wanted neither.

The Education Ministry said that the should the parents and educators decide in favour of the sporty attire the next step would be to decide whether to introduce one tracksuit for all schools or if each school should have their own colours and design.

On Monday morning, parents will be sent an SMS whilst educators will be sent a link via e-mail taking them to a voting page.


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