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OXYGYN on Malta’s Top 10 with Jake: “We Need to Change the Mentality that Music is Just a Hobby”


Following the release of their latest track ‘Wicked White Lies’, the local band OXYGN sat down with Jake on Malta’s Top 10 to discuss their song and music video.



OXGYN is a local band made up of sibling-vocalist-duo Katia and Kurt, alongside producer Luke (otherwise known as Funky Monkey), and Zack on the guitars… Back in September, they released a music video for ‘Wicked White Lies’, which is currently their fifth original track.


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Photo – Christian Cauchi

Posted by Oxygyn on Friday, August 28, 2020


In an interview with Jake, which aired last night, they opened up about what their desired direction with their music is. After having gone back to their humble indie-folk roots on this track, OXYGYN shared that this style is closest to their hearts, as it feels like a representation of who they are.



Jake also asked them about their plans and/or thoughts on collaborating with other local artists. Whilst they have no plans as of yet, the band revealed that they’d love to work with Luke Chappell and Bloodline, as they feel that both of them parallel quite well with their and sound and style.


Posted by Oxygyn on Thursday, May 21, 2020


OXYGYN then went on to explain the concept behind their music video, which centres around the notion of denial, which goes hand in hand with the suspicious song. They explained that the person in the video doesn’t realise he is hiding from his true self until he embarks on a journey of self-discovery and finally, feels confident in showing his true colours.


Posted by Oxygyn on Thursday, May 21, 2020


The band also revealed that although they have considered partaking in competitions, both local and international, they think that their style doesn’t really blend into that scene and would end up being under-appreciated.



Finally, Jake asked them what they believe is the way forward for local artists and the local music scene. OXYGN shared that local artists should “invest in their art, both time-wise and quality-wise, in order to keep on expanding local talent”.

This is the only way they believe could lead to a healthy and more prominent industry here in Malta; “we need to change our mentality that music is just a hobby when it’s an entire career”.