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Owen Leuellen Sits Down With Jake On Homegrown To Talk New Album, Future Plans, & Industry Obstacles


On the latest episode of Homegrown with Jake, Owen Leuellen sits down to talk about his latest album ‘Dreams’, his post X-Factor break, and industry obstacles as he delves into the makings of a talented rapper and his plans from here on…


Owen Leuellen is a talented, local rapper who’s been bringing in the heat ever since the first season of the X-Factor. Having been raised in a musical household all of his life, Leuellen has always been passionate about music and finding his own sound.



At 15 years old, Leuellen began writing and covering songs. It was from then on that he really doubled down on his song writing, and not that many people new about his art besides a few friends and family members.


As Leuellen shared, ‘In the rap scene, there was a boom long before I even started, and then at a point, there wasn’t much attention to it so I felt like that was my time. It still felt like a gamble, but when the time came to showcase all that, I’ve learnt and practiced, I didn’t know what would come… I just gave it my best shot’.



Surprisingly, X Factor was the first time Leuellen went on “a real stage”, but there’s no denying that he made some major waves instantly with ‘Hey Now’. In fact, after its release, a lot of gigs and opportunities came flooding his way, and the hype about the track remained for a good minute.


Then, when it eventually came to composing ‘Dreams’, Leuellen remarked that ‘the initial idea was to have a dark album, but then when I was looking at the bigger picture, and looking at it as a project, it looked too dark, so I felt the need to introduce a balance’.



But don’t worry – Dreams isn’t the only thing Leuellen has up his sleeve, and he plans to maintain his consistency with releases too! Plus, there’s a handful of collabs coming our way too, and whilst we don’t have the full list, we do know that there’ll be a little something something with FAITH and Ben Miller.


He also let us in on how important it is to have ‘a story to tell’ as a rapper, besides poetic skill, of course. Leuellen also insisted on how important it is to ditch the accent in order to sound better and reach a wider audience. Nevertheless, he did admit that it takes a lot of trial and error before one finds their voice and style, even saying that he ‘wasn’t event 100% sure about his’ during his time on the X Factor.



He went on to pledge for further seriousness in the musical industry locally, in order to grant the artists the bigger push that they need. Plus, people need to stop associating music with hobbies, it truly is an antiquated mentality, as Jake would say…


‘You dedicate yourself to your work, to your music.’, they added, ‘There is a stark contrast between someone who just wants to be popular, and an artist who’s truly an artist. Music isn’t something you do for fame.’



As for his biggest goal and dream, Leuellen is definitely headed towards LA where he plans to make it big, aspiring for a sandy beach in California with a cocktail in hand. As soon as that moment arrives, he said, he’ll be happy to have lived out his vision… and who could blame him?


I’m thankful for the good comments’, he concluded, ‘but it’s the bad comments that urge you to do better. When you’re an artist, and you can take in the negative comments and turn them into positive energy, that’s when you’ll really flourish. Always take it as a good thing and as room to grow.’



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