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Owen Leullen Is Back With A Brand New Summer Single ‘Runaway’


Summer is here and so is Owen Leullen with his brand new single and potential summer hit ‘Runaway’ – the third single from his debut album Dreams, which is set for release on the 15th of July!



Leullen seems to be taking a step back from his usual fast flows and multiple rhyming in this track, serving us a more chilled-down version. The local rapper revealed that the song describes how ‘we party to relieve stress’ after a long-time putting parties aside for the sake of having them again in the future…



As Owen commented, ‘I’m very excited about this single and I genuinely believe it has the right ingredients for summer. Of course, I can’t wait for the whole album to be released in the coming days after such a long wait. I had finished the album some time ago, but I feel now’s the time to release it’.


And now, with summer in full swing and parties back on, Runaway has the potential to be THE next summer song we’ve all been waiting for. Plus, it’ll soon make its way to Spotify on July 11th.



Besides the catchy hook, the first verse of the song focuses on people watching you succeed without knowing what’s going on behind-the-scenes, and the challenges an artist must face in between deciding what music they want to produce, and what people want to listen to nowadays.


Whilst the second verse describes some wild moments we’ve all experienced while partying, the moral of the song is about having this wanderlust to run away to someplace that gives a better chance at making it in music.



Howard Keith from Jagged House also shared, ‘Following a 15-month status quo for most artists due to the pandemic, it’s high time we start releasing the music the artists have been working on. It’s a challenging time for most artists as their live performing presence is non-existent’.


The Runaway music video was directed by Steven Levi, whilst music was produced by Matteo Depares, and then mixed and mastered by Howard Keith.