Owen Leuellen Releases Brand New Album ‘Dreams’


Owen Leullen has been sitting in the hotseat ever since his latest track Runaway was released. And now, we’re getting a taste of Leullen’s first phase of music in his new album ‘DREAMS’, which dropped on Thursday!


The album includes tracks from the beginning of his song writing, like ‘ONE DAY’, ‘BELIEVE’ and ‘DREAMS’. Throughout the album, Leuellen showcases a taste of his mindset back then – full of anger and darkness – whilst sending a message using nothing but powerful lyrics to show the climb for respect, all while proving that the time and effort put into his art will be worth it in the end!



But to balance it out, Leullen has also added a few modern tracks in the mix, like ‘RUNAWAY’, ‘MY TIME’, ‘FOLLOW’ and ‘THE REAL THING’ – you know, to add a little colour in the darkness.


This album is a deconstructed story of self-expression and ‘DREAMS’ was the perfect title for Leuellen’s first project, as it is the foundation of his career. All of the motivation and effort came from nothing but dreams.



In light of this release, Leuellen himself stated ‘Many doors have recently opened by acting on those dreams, so please keep following my journey because this is just the beginning. My team and I have some big plans and we can’t wait to show you what’s in store’.


DREAMS is out now on all leading streaming platforms!

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