Over A KG Of Cigarette Butts Collected From Kalkara Bay

In a span of one hour, over a kg of cigarette butts were collected from Kalkara Bay. Environment Ministry officials note that on a year on year basis, the general waste being thrown into the sea and the surrounding areas seems to be decreasing, except for when it comes to cigarette butts.

One frequent snorkeler at Rinella Bay, Joseph Magro, spends most of his free time picking up waste material from the bay’s seabed and within the area. Himself, together with some workers and officials from the Environment Ministry secretariat spent half their day cleaning Kalkara Bay earlier this week, collecting a large amount of waste from the beach and surrounding shore.

The Ministry assistant principal Ramona Borg tells TVM “although we are seeing progress each year, today we collected a kilogram of cigarette butts within an hour. It is important that during the summer season and while organising BBQs we use alternatives to plastic used only once, such as cups and utensils and other reusable things”.

Being a part of our heritage, it’s important to make sure we keep our beaches clean and waste free.

Figures by the National Statistics Office show that in Malta waste decreased by half in a span of four years – from almost 2,000 tons in 2013 to a 1,000 tons in 2017.


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