Over 7,000 People Came Together For The President’s Fun Run


On Sunday, every local town and village came together with the President for the 12th-edition, annual President’s Fun Run!



This year, hundreds of people took part as they wandered across each and every locality in Malta, with the collaboration of the Local Councils to raise funds for the Malta Community Chest Fund.


President's Solidarity Fun Run to take place in November - Newsbook

Photo source: Newsbook


President George Vella remarked that the Fun Run had the same participation as that of previous years and achieved the same goal: to fundraise for the Malta Community Chest Fund – which helps those in need – to keep working for the good of society.



At the end of the event, at San Anton Palace, President Vella expressed his appreciation towards those who helped make this event possible and to those who participated, adding that events like these show that when it comes to compassion with those in need, the Maltese people unite in genuine solidarity.


In his own words: ‘The Maltese people have solidarity in their veins and we need to bring it out, and allow them express it and show it. When we lead by example and push for these things to happen, the Maltese people will automatically follow. You know how much I like to talk about unity and the Maltese people.’



I believe that there are many things that still keep us away from one another, but I believe that there are many many more things that bring us together and unite us. And we need to build on such events where it is clear that when it comes to showing mercy with the poor or help those in need, the Maltese people do not look away.’, he added.


Prime Minister Robert Abela added that this walk wouldn’t have been made possible without the vaccine administration and urged anyone who has not yet been vaccinated to do so.



With over 7,000 people having registered for the Fun Run, at least €70,000 was raised for the Malta Community Chest Fund. €15,000 was also donated by Minister Byron Camilleri on behalf of the Government at the end of the run.

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