Over 40% Of People Lie About An Event’s Start Time So Their Tardy Friends Aren’t Late


According to new research, more than 40% of people lie about a social event or a meeting’s start time so that their tardy friends won’t be late. It also found that the average adult feels stressed if they are 10 minutes late for an event…


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The study, which consisted of 3,000 American adults, found that ‘early is on time’, as over half admitted they are ‘obsessed’ with time management, so much so that anything past 13 minutes is considered ‘late’ and as a control freak, I can relate.



As 56% plan ahead to ensure they never run behind schedule, 39% believe that it’s socially unacceptable to be late, 60% swear by being early, and 7 in 10 friend groups have THAT friend who is known to be late and I mean, let’s be real, we all have that one friend…


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In fact, 47% were found to have sneakily told THAT friend that a meeting time was earlier than it really was, so that they’d actually be on time. Also, the study found that it only takes 5 times of being late for people to feel upset with others and while 45% admitted to being ‘on time’, 10% are often late…



Meanwhile, the most used excuses for being late included traffic (37%), a morning alarm not going off (33%), and the car not starting (32%). And the top occasions people stress over being late include job interviews (33%), medical appointments (31%), and the airport (29%).


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Overall, men are more likely to feel embarrassed and anxious about being late, women are more likely to laugh it off.

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