Over 380 Cases Have Been Filed Against Travis Scott Following Astroworld Tragedy


Over 380 cases were filed against the American rapper, Travis Scott, following the Astroworld festival tragedy.


Jacques Bermon Webster II, known professionally as Travis Scott, alongside entertainment company ‘Live Nation’, are being held responsible for the 10 casualties that occurred at the last Astroworld festival back in November of 2021.

Hundreds of lawsuits have been filed from the first day after the festival to date, and are now being considered as one big case. This was decided by a court panel in Texas, after receiving appeals to move forward with a consolidation manoeuvre.



It has been estimated that there are over 2,800 victims waiting to be represented by this lawsuit that has been valued at almost $3 billion. Months after the incident, Travis Scott still stands by his argument that he did not realise that the concert attendees were in danger due to aggression.

Hundreds of fans expressed their disappointment with the way the rapper handled the situation so far. Some also stated that they believed that Travis Scott was their voice in times of darkness, however are now finding it hard to relate to him due to his actions.



Do you think that Travis Scott will walk away freely with help from his partner, Kylie Jenner?