Over 2000 Kilos of Animal Food Collected in 18 Hours!


Maltese generosity does it again! In 18 hours, more than 2000kgs of animal food have been collected – that’s 2 TONNES of food in less than a day.

With the help and generosity of suppliers, this food was sent over to Noah’s Ark Dog Sanctuary and to the Association for Abandoned Animals, together with blankets, beds and toys to ensure that our beloved friends are well taken care of during the current situation.



The man behind this all, Igor Samardziski, told Bay that this initiative started randomly. Igor lost his dog at the weekend and found him on Monday. When buying dog food for his own dog, Igor had the idea to donate some dog food from his usual supplier, a local brand which produces organic food – the local brand immediately gave special prices. Igor then put a post up on Facebook, shared his Revolut number and had received over 1,000 Euro overnight from people willing to donate to this initiative.

“It happened on its own, it is just people wanting to reach out, even in a time of crisis, even from those who are not doing well, but still felt they wanted to donate. Simply Amazing!” Igor told us.

Meanwhile yesterday on Facebook Igor said that the COVID-19 outbreak is unfortunately leading to more people abandoning their animals and taking them to shelters – which are consequently over populated. He said that this might be the right time to reach out to local shelters, and get a dog from there, to keep you the best of companies – even fostering them for some time.


What a group of champs 👏👏🥰 Thank you, thank you each and every one of you! Wow. I cant believe the response, I didn't…

Publiée par Igor Samardziski sur Mardi 7 avril 2020


While you’re at it – when one member from each household goes to the supermarket, you might also consider buying some pet food, and donating it to the shelters in these trying times.

Alternatively you can send a small donation to the Animal Shelters:

AAA Sanctuary:

Paypal: [email protected]
Revolut: 0035679730921

50617350 €2.33
50618060 €4.66
50618910 €6.99
50619200 €11.66

Every little helps!