Outrage At Refrigerator Spotted In Qawra Swimming Area Over The Weekend

Over the past few months, we’ve seen all kinds of items being brought out from the sea after one of the many organised sea clean-ups by local NGOs.  Tires. plastic, cars and anything you can imagine … the thing is, they usually have to dive a bit deep into the swimming zone to find these items.

Nathaneal Theuma didn’t have to look that far to find a shocking sight in front of his eyes, as he was about to go for a leisurely swim.

“Qawra, boathouses area. I went for a swim, and look what I see just close to the ladder! A huge refrigerator thrown into the sea!!!!!😤😱😨” He writes. 

Many were outraged at the sheer sight of this, with many users commenting “Shame” and “Disgusting” directly on the post.

“It seems the old Maltese adage hasn’t changed – min bieb il-barra mhux tieghi,” another wrote.

I think what we’re most disappointed by is the fact that over the past couple of months, Malta’s seas have taken a breath of fresh air – we’ve been seeing dolphins and turtles make a reappearance, and clean-ups have proved to be very successful – only to find a sight like this greet you on your feed over the weekend.

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