Outrage At Inhumane Abandonment Of 17 Kittens On Volunteers’ Doorstep

A post by Carers for Stray and Abandoned Felines (CSAF) has spiked some outrage on social media, after sharing that 17 kittens were dumped with not much else but the hair on their back at the volunteer home’s doorstep.

“Disgusted, Speechless, Angry and Disappointed is an UNDERSTATEMENT of how we are feeling right now,” the volunteers share.

“17 Kittens have been abandoned in front of our door.. not even placed in a box or cat box.. left fending for their life on a mainroad. This monster/monsters just left a plastic bowl with water and a scattered dry food on the ground.

“Our volunteers ended up chasing kittens in the road behind cars, while kittens were climbing up trees!!!

How can this still happen in 2020? Do people have a beating heart or feelings? Where is the empathy for these helpless beings?”

CSAF explain how they are already at full capacity at the moment, and don’t even have enough cages to place the kittens in; but they obviously could not turn the poor things away.

The organisation turns towards the generosity of Maltese hearts, for a helping hand in a lengthy process that these kittens need to go through, involving “Deworming, Defleaing, Parvo virus testing, gastro intestinal food, vet runs.”

“If there are any of you that can help us with fostering please come along.

If you would like to make a donation to help CSAF care for these kittens, you can do so by following the below details:

REVOLUT 79728582

BOV A/C No 40019876298 – IBAN MT26VALL22013000000040019876298


PayPal: [email protected]

50619243 – €11.65
50618069 – € 4.66
50617353 – € 2.33

Cheques on CSAF

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