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Outrage As Two Swans Die At San Anton Gardens


Earlier this morning, on social media, it was revealed that two swans that lived within San Anton Gardens have died. The swans had lived in different ponds in different areas of the garden and water contamination is being excluded as a cause of death. This news was then confirmed.

Much like any other public space, San Anton Gardens were closed down for the public due to the COVID-19 Outbreak in mid-March, revoking access to volunteers who used to feed the cats at the Garden every day. These feeders were then given access for a set amount of time which was not enough to cover the large area of the Gardens, and were then given additional time to feed the cats.



The discussion that ensued on social media also led to the highlighting of other issues and questions such as whether the birds and the animals were being fed enough, with regular inspections, and even a spontaneous one, by Animal Welfare and the Commissioner for Animal Rights, found no irregularities.

San Anton Gardens, contrary to popular belief, is not administered by the Office of the President but by the Environmental and Landscape Consortium, who have stated that the swans died of natural causes. Meanwhile, a third swan also appears to be missing.

A blog post by Alison Bezzina also provides a timeline of events of the last few weeks.