Our predictions for tonight’s X Factor Malta Finale

The wait is finally over. In a few minutes, Maltese families and close friends all around the island will gather around their TV screen, in front of a coffee table full of party food (it’s the closest we’ll get to MESC night) to watch the final episode of X Factor Malta season 2.

Destiny, F.A.I.T.H, Kyle and Justine will take to the X Factor stage one last time and this is how we think it’s going down.

From what they’ll sing, to who they will sing with and who will win, these are our predictions… (well, just mine really cos I’m basically the only one obsessed with Eurovision in this office.)

DISCLAIMER: I might be completely off wack with this, I have no idea what they’ll be singing, there have been no hints about song choices as far as I know, it’s mostly what I hope they’ll be singing more than anything else.

If we were to base our predictions on last year, there’s going to be a few categories to sing in.

They’ll probably start off by performing their new original songs

We have no idea what they’ll be, as we’ve never heard them before, but we got a taste of them in the past few hours through X Factor Malta’s Facebook and Instagram page.

Duets next – now this is a tough one, because I don’t think Ira can sing with both her contestants

Kyle will sing with his mentor Ray.

Destiny needs an equally momentous vocalist to join her, and we’re thinking it would be really cute if they got Gaia to sing with her, since they both won the Junior Eurovision.

F.A.I.T.H will sing with another popular Maltese group, Red Electrick or The Travellers.

Justine will sing with Owen Leuellen, for an amazing duet that will probably become as famous as last year’s ‘Hey Now’

Maltese songs:

So at this point, Kyle will have been eliminated, leaving F.A.I.T.H, Justine and Destiny to battle it out with their Maltese song rendition.

I think Justine will sing something young and lively – I am thinking – Hafi, Paci u Kuluri

Destiny will sing something she can belt out to and I don’t think Tema 79 is appropriate … so I am thinking some amazing rendition of a Maltese classic like l-Ahhar Bidwi F’Wied il-Ghasel.

F.A.I.T.H – If someone doesn’t sing Xemx this year, I don’t know when they will, so we’re thinking F.A.I.T.H will be given the honours to belt out such an amazing classic.

And an elimination will soon follow

Now I think that Justine will be the next one kicked out of the competition, leaving F.A.I.T.H and Destiny to sing a song of their choice.

Destiny will probably sing ‘And I am Telling You’ again, because, let’s face it. That song shows her vocal range in all its entirety and gags us all in the process.

F.A.I.T.H might sing ‘Man in the Mirror’ again, because I think that was one of their best performances.

And after that performance, it’ll be time to announce the winner. Now there might be a huge plot twist with F.AI.T.H winning, but my gut just tells me that Destiny is snatching the crown this year.

Now keep in mind we have no idea how the night is going to unfold, but what do you think about our predictions? What are yours? Who do you think will win the second season of the X Factor Malta? Let us know in the comments.

On a side note…..

Petition to make an MESC/Eurovision themed night if there is a 3rd season of X Factor Malta next year. Malta, and the rest of the world would thank you.

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