Our lesser known fifth judge has a lot to say about this week’s X Factor episode

So we’re finally half way through the six chair challenges with Howard’s category: the (people that wanted to carry on as individuals but are now forced to be in) groups.

I mean … did any of these people actually audition as groups?

Didn’t think so.

My prediction of what the groups of 50 people trying to fit into these tiny stools will look like:

Howard is all of us watching still having no idea what their group name is even though they’ve said it twice now

at least they coordinated outfits and prepared choreography. Thank you, triplets, for actually putting in EFFORT.

“omg I’m trying to be healthy you know, new week new me” me at 2AM:

I also just found out that this is product placement and the contestants weren’t actually excited about KitKats and I feel betrayed.

Miguel looks really impressed with himself and that is the kind of self-love we need to bring into 2020

So Karin Duff dressed up as a warden last week and now this girl did too. Wow, the influence she has.

^ my reaction when I try something new with my outfits and people point it out.

Ok …. maybe they snapped.

All the groups when they put two songs together and call it a medley

Donna and the Dynamos aged so well since Mamma Mia!

“omg we’re so fun and quirky”

Ryan and Sharpay finally decided on the name Yazmin and James though!

Thank you Yazmin and James for making us all feel aggressively single.

You know what I don’t appreciate? Their name reminding just how much more talented people younger than me are.

An attack against the elderly and I will not stand for it.

Didn’t this group … sing this song … like last week?


me disagreeing with the judges despite, yet again, not having any singing capabilities:

When I said I appreciated a coordinated outfit … this was not what I meant.

“Now everybody clap your hands”

… wh-where is this going?

Rewind deserved better!


Based on this alone they deserve a chair

This is why no one watches TV.

“nitlobkom tiehdu post – ”

What I think I look like making a playlist to drive to the grocery store


we love cosplaying as Ray.

Bloodline’s song choices every week:

imagine having the braincells to turn the most pop of pop songs into a full-fledged musical theatre number.

And also, can we discuss the drama of Howard sending the other girls home but keeping Maia.

I’ll admit she stood out the most but the BETRAYAL I would feel WOW.

What an episode, huh.

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