Our lesser known 5th judge is so over the judges’ houses!

We made it, guys … the last episode before the live shows.

Where’s our award?

The Groups

All the contestants when he announced the guest judge

Also, the lead up to Howard’s announcement the guest judge making us all think it’s Simon Cowell …

Summoning circle for a grade that isn’t an F in any of these upcoming exams:

I see she saw my warden comments and decided to embrace the look

When you wear a jacket in July because it completes the look™ but then you remember it’s 40 degrees

Green Light is playing during their interview … this better be foreshadowing!

The coordinated outfits. I’m sold.

also apparently put this together in 24 hours?? Bye.

Actual live footage of my last brain cell

Donations open for Yazmin & James’ heart transplants after the most stressful reveal.

I mean … did anyone understand anything from that speech or is it just me and my single brain cell?

me after eating yet another Christmas log

A.I.T.H.’s reaction to them passing to the live shows is literally the best moment of the season.

We must protect them at all costs.

A man with TASTE.

The Overs

Because the actual performances were criminally underwhelming, I have compiled a series of the judges’ reactions which summed up my own pretty well.

And this isn’t meant to criticise the singers’ abilities because they’re all talented but I think we all just expected … a little bit more?

Stress jumping into my life now that the holidays are nearly over.

Possibly one of the biggest SNUBS of the season

you are telling me Chantal gave us PERFORMANCES consistently and she didn’t get chosen because of one admittedly bad song choice (which was probably because Ray influenced her last week!!)

Ok Celine’s reaction was kinda wholesome though

Giving me reasons to keep watching for a change!!

Me if I passed a single one of these exams

And we’ll finish off with whatever this is

see y’all at the live shows (FINALLY)

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