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Our lesser known 5th judge is here to spill the tea on last night’s episode of the X Factor Malta

We’ve finally gotten to the first judge’s houses episode, or as I like to call it, the episode which should have been the Christmas special live show.

Yes, I’m still bitter.

Part 1: The Girls.

Ira’s really wearing clout goggles.


You know I was actually recently wondering what Louisa’s been up to since she seemingly disappeared off the face of the earth.

this, friends, is what we call a PSYCHIC MOMENT.

OMG, where’d the rest of Karin’s body go??

We love a camo joke.
Also, I need TVM to produce a live-action Kim Possible movie and cast her right now.

if Marija doesn’t come out with a one-woman band kit next week we’re all gonna be very disappointed

um, Destiny I’d watch out for any flying objects next time you’re with Ira.

me trying to see who’s in the picture they’re talking about:

Biggest surprise of the season, if you ask me!

it is very well deserved to be fair but is anyone shocked?

Ira … sweetie … you good?

are we just going to forget about literally this season’s most iconic moment, Superbass.

All this tear wiping is really taking me back to the audition days.

we’ve really come around full circle …

Jasmine coming through with pants brighter than my future.

yes, I’m re-using this joke and I will until they stop wearing neon coloured clothing.

What is this random stock photo of the moon in between shots I’m DYING

The editors really chose to play the line “you really know how to make me cry” out of ALL THE LYRICS from Ocean Eyes

Someone’s going to hell …

When I pass my exams by 1 mark after not doing any work all semester

Me avoiding eye contact on the bus hoping the creepy middle-aged man doesn’t try to talk to me:

Part 2: The Boys

Can you just imagine what’s going through her mind watching Giovanni as the FIRST ACT

Giovanni struggling to find the right note is a very accurate representation of me trying to find any motivation to get anything done at this point in the year.

You really gave us a whole show and a half at 6 chairs now we’ve entered emo hour dreams. Anti-climax of the decade.

Sir …

I just found out I’m older than yet another contestant so if you need me I’ll be at the nearest Dar tax-Xjuh … where I belong.

all of us whenever Karl comes on screen

Amelia Lily’s reaction to Karl’s performance is, in fact, everything.

Meanwhile Ray’s just sitting in the back like “yeah, that’s just Karl doing his usual thing”.

Couldn’t have said it better myself.

Just say yes and go.

Are these heart attack inducing statements really necessary?

What is any of this supposed to mean?


… And that sums up the whole episode for you.