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Our Fifth Judges Are Back For MGT’s Episode 2!


Another week, another set of talents presented to the Maltese public – and as usual, the contestants did not fail to deliver. If you were so unfortunate as to miss out on last night’s episode, you might have missed out on.


… the judges channeling their inner ‘millennial on the Sliema promenade’.



… Alfred showing us a visual representation of me trying to balance uni, work, a social life, health, …



The only difference is that he ACTUALLY manages!



… the Harry Potter theme being INACCURATELY USED for this young magician.



Everyone knows Harry was TEN when he found out he was a wizard, NOT FOURTEEN.


… Sarah performing the real magic trick changing her hair colour MULTIPLE TIMES mid-episode.



… Morgan educating the public on Covid – a very necessary act.



The spokesman we didn’t know we needed, Charmaine watch out.



… us finding out who the harsh judges are.



… Yulan upstaging EVERYONE at just TEN YEARS OLD



We really thought her name was Mulan for a sec though.



… Caden and Sarah coordinating outfits and hair colours.



Bestie goals ! <3


… an impressive flash mob by the cast of Orange is the New Black.



… followed by perhaps the most awkward moment we have ever witnessed in an audition.



Biggest plot twist since Malta’s second wave of COVID.



… Luca coming for every cruise ship entertainer’s job.



Get yourself a girlfriend that applies to talent competitions for you in secret like Luca’s.


… Claire giving us war flashbacks to primary school P.E. lessons.



… and finishing off with the WAP – I mean, split.



OK but the THEATRICS of this audition … unmatched.



… Maxine giving us our new favourite euphemism for ‘buy a new voice’



Lowkey Muhammed deserved better though. Justice for Muhammed.


… Howard showing us how versatile he is by giving his golden buzzer to an act that ISN’T a singer.



Deservingly so of course look at how clean those movements were, the diversity, the MASKS!


… and Joseph from Musta (Mosta) stealing our hearts and transporting us to Rona-free days when we still had Festi.



The “kaxxa żgħira” was my favourite, what about you?

And that’s all you missed! What an … eventful episode. Is it Sunday yet?