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Our fifth judge walks us through the best parts of X Factor Malta’s season finale

We really did it … we survived a whole season of X Factor. Never thought I’d be that person that’s invested in a singing competition yet here we are.

Michela sneaking on stage in the intro

Is Destiny … is Destiny wearing a face mask?

If I see one coronavirus joke I swear …

Me not recognising Destiny’s song, before I realised the theme this week is original songs:

FAITH’s outfits out here brighter than my future.

Feel like it would be a crime if I didn’t make this 5th judge classic comment in my final article.

Listen … I truly am FAITH’s biggest fan like catch me at their shows amongst the preteens … but these lyrics are … really something

we’ll forgive them though because FAITH can literally do whatever they want

Ah yes, the real virus we should be worried about catching … feelings.

So I see Justine’s tried sweet and sour sauce

A moment to appreciate Ira’s little head bop

I looked it up and apparently the correct lyric is “I love you, baby, like a schoolboy love his pet” but I heard ‘bed’ and honestly, I think the latter is more accurate …

Every other video on TikTok right now

Owen Louellen sprinkling a ‘yeah’ here and there

Unexpected, but … a duo.

This is definitely the ‘Hey Now’ of Season 2

That cough in the beginning took me out

It was very kind of Kyle to join Michela’s performance

FAITH the second Justine was the first announced to pass to the next round

Me trying to stay awake for the winner but we’ve been through like 50 rounds and 500 songs and we’re still not finished

Ok can we discuss how this song was actually made for Destiny.

Simba is truly shaking.

Justine’s theatrics jumped out

Annnddd the winner is …

The plot twist of the decade.
(Jokes and sarcasm aside though, it is clearly well deserved, )

Also I am now open for article requests because this was fully my brand and it’s over now.