Our Fifth Judge Is Back for the Last MGT Auditions Episode


Malta’s Got Talent aired its last auditions episode yesterday, and we finished off with quite a bang, and what seemed like a never-ending love story, courtesy of Freddie! As always, here’s everything that happened.

Dance Lab started us off with this lovely death stare.



Coincidentally also happens to be my facial expression anytime I’m on Zoom before 12pm.



Rodoljub spoke about his song the way we’ll all speak about our 2020 experience.



We have to laugh so we don’t cry.


Christian took the basic magician audition to the NEXT LEVEL.



I’m still convinced he chopped the girl with the wig in that box.


This was an actual sentence that Sarah said.



Giuseppe had the most italian talent – making pizzas … that looks like the italian flag.



Maria and Sarah were the happiest people to receive four ‘no’s



Emma won Maxine’s golden buzzer with her talent of making everyone on the island sob.



I think we can all agree it’s been a long week/month/year and this performance just broke us all.



Every single judge was in actual tears.



Except for Howard, but Howard is Howard.



And finally, Freddie impressed us with his talent of … talking?



‘Ha nghidlek naqra Ray!’ Not gonna lie I was enthralled for the full 14 minute (yes, fourteen minutes) audition. 

And just like that, auditions are over … what a rollercoaster of emotions.