Our 5th judge is back with another commentary on last night’s episode of the X Factor Malta!

So this long, emotional journey of auditions is coming to an end, and I’m here to share all my thoughts that nobody particularly asked for.

1. The recap was actually very much appreciated and surprisingly needed

… to be honest I have practically no memory of the last episode except for Destiny.


A concept: Halloween episode.

X Factor really missed an opportunity there.

3. The casual shots of Elvis …

4. The judges pointing at that globe before the auditions started are like me trying to find a key chain with my name on it at a gift shop

No one:
Maltese people when they see a globe: look it’s Malta !!

5. It was a matter of time and it finally happened. Someone’s auditioning with an Ira Losco song. She really is that local pop girl.

But really and truly, she should’ve sung ‘Fejn stahbejtli?’

It’s in Maltese, it’s an absolute classic, and more importantly … the audience watching would know it’s Ira’s song without Ira announcing it before the performance. Sorry not sorry.

6. Alex is the biggest mood, honestly


Hayley, Michela, Emma – please this is terrible for my self esteem.

Emma did what?


8. Ray tried … he really tried.

I don’t know what’s funnier, Ray’s dad joke … or the fact that Chaz said “I turned into pastries.”

9. “I turned into pastries”

10. Ok who leaked footage of me singing in the car in the morning?

11. Alex finished what Ray started.

12. We have found the lesser known 6th backstreet boy – Derek.

Who surprisingly looks like a hybrid between Brian and Nick.

13. Ray really brought his A-Game with dad jokes today

14. The look on James’ face when they said yes, but as a group …

No one:
The Judges: Yes … as a group

You have a yes from me with and without a group, James hi.

15. (Why does ray air drumming have me screaming)

16. Celine talking about why she stopped singing because of bullying …

Tell me the names sis I’m ready to throw hands.

17. Me @ the fridge every 5 minutes

18. The fridge @ me every 5 minutes

Thank you Gail for this very meme-able audition (and also well done, great voice)

19. The rejection montage has returned

And I’m not against it this time it’s kind of entertaining actually.

20.  “Kieku l-kappel tieghi qieghed hemm” You heard Ira, kappel snatched is the new wig snatched.

21. Elektra basically told all the eligible bachelors to shoot their shot, she’s waiting.

22. Why is the wig giving me Angie Laus vibes?

Just me?

23. It’s so apparent that the judges are very aware that they get one word wrong and they’ll get dragged all over Facebook and it’s kind of hilarious.

24. Weekly complaint about the ads

This is why no one watches TV!!

25. Some appreciation for all the VOCALISTS of the yes montage.

36. Alex being a mood. again.

27. Okay but Elvis kinda snapped vocally though.

I’m impressed.

28. Alex just pulled out a crown from behind her back. This show I swear to God.

29. Ok yes this is a very sentimental interview but … am I the only one seeing Miranda Priestly

I mean … the resemblance is uncanny!

30. This audition is giving me ‘singing by the Eiffel Tower at a sunset’ vibes in the best way.

31. Me thinking I am a polyglot after my French O Level

32. Whoever edits these promos – give them a raise, please.

Cos I can’t wait for next week’s episode.

Au revoir!

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