Our 5th Judge Is Back And He’s Not Alone- Ep. 1 Of Malta’s Got Talent Took US On A Ride!

It’s only been a year? Wow … it really feels longer. Like, much longer. 

I, Paolo, the 5th judge, am back to give you all the relatable and meme-able moments of what will probably be the most watched Maltese tv series of the year – Malta’s Got Talent … and this year, Thea, our special guest judge will be joining me to add a bit more sass, pizaaz and taste to our weekly roundup (I may or may not have been co-erced into including this bit in my intro by her) 

So sit tight, buckle down and enjoy the ride, cos the first episode really was a roller coaster ride of emotions.

T: So I’ve placed some bets on the opening scene song they’ll be choosing – it’s between Jerusalema and some song from the Greatest Showman

P: ‘The Greatest Show’ as the soundtrack to the first episode? Groundbreaking … still a downright banger though. 

T: “Oh yeah man, I’ve really missed this. It’s so great to have purpose on a Sunday night again… can’t wait to see the first performance. ADS ALREADY? WHAT IS THIS?

P: That combined with seasonal allergies in full gear means ha ntajjar kollox. 

P: The Eurovision Kartolina looks different this year

T: Wow it took them 3 whole minutes to name Charmaine in-Nazzjonali? She deserved better – It should’ve been the first word they muttered.   

P: Everyone @ 2020: 

T: Ok so we’re starting off the scout for talent with a puppet show. I don’t know how to fee… AWWWWHHHHH THEY’RE SINGING. 

T:  Jesus, I didn’t think I’d sh*t myself so early on in the show. 

P: Well … costumes this year are different

P: Me and the squad when paceville SAFELY reopens

T: Sara and Maxine vibing is life 

P: ^ my two followers liking every time I post 

T: Oooh so that’s what it was…

T: Honestly same …
T: MORALESSSS – YOU KNOW IT’S GNA BE GOOD – is he gonna try to sell us Xmas trees?

P: Me after doing one (1) squat

T: Wait …. Plot twist. HE’S NOT SELLING XMAS TREES??? 

P: His little dance though

T: Me on the 1st day of autumn: 

T: Guess that’s what happens after 10 months of 2020 – you forget how to English. 

T – A Monologue

*reaches for the nearest ventolin*


Is no one gonna talk about the female Hercules who hurled all those people in the air in 3 mins?

P: Noooo, I never jump to conclusions; also me: 

T: When you’ve been eye flirting with a guy all night trying to get free drinks and he has the audacity to come talk to you after a few minutes.
P: Omg these crosses are more aggressive than last year’s *hand raise*

T: What I was expecting when I saw someone with a guitar

P: If I had a song that’s what I’d name it too – an ode to my social life

T: All the gays
P: Meanwhile I got Marsalforn and Marsamxett mixed up last week … 

T: How he said bella rus … AJVERY COAST! He’s def getting the golden buzzer.


P: Thea … don’t do it, don’t do it …


T: Can someone get me his number? I’d like to ask him to permanently ingrain the word diet in my head, maybe i could finally stop eating for at least 5 minutes.

P:All the nanniet watching right now pulling out their kuruni hearing ‘mind reading’ and ‘prediction’. I can hear them already … “QISU IMXAJTAN DAN”

So, I guess the question we’re really left with at the end of the episode is…. 

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