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Operation Unicorn: What’s Next For The UK?

Operation Unicorn UK


Queen Elizabeth II was the longest reigning monarch who ascended to the throne in 1952 and reigned for 70 years.

After Queen Elizabeth II’s passing and Operation Unicorn’s commencement, here’s what’s about to happen next for the UK:


Here's everything you need to know about Queen Elizabeth


  • Prince Charles now becomes King Charles III, whilst Camilla becomes the Queen Consort.
  • Leaders from around the globe will attend the funeral. The Queen will be buried at the King George VI memorial chapel at Windsor Castle.
  • The coronation will happen after a mourning period of about a year
  • The Queen’s body will lie in state.
  • Flags will fly at half-staff.
  • Many businesses in the UK will be closed.
  • The British national anthem will change.
  • Along with a new currency to be printed and minted, police officers and soldiers will need new uniforms and passports, stamps and mailboxes will need to be updated.
  • The Queen will also be memorialized.