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Only in Malta! More hilarious pics show the funny side of Maltese life

Life in Malta can be a lot of fun.

To prove it, we’ve once again raided the Bay Easy archives on Facebook to bring you a second helping of hilarious ‘Only in Malta’ moments.

From adorable dogs and teddy bears riding on motorcycles to outrageous health and safety howlers, this classic collection of funny photos captured all over Malta guarantee to raise smile.

1. Gozo’s doggy daredevils

2. St Francis is thirsty for The Real Thing

3. Winnie the Pooh and friends are hung out to dry in Valletta

4. Because you never know when you might run out

5. That’s one way to reserve a parking space!

6. They’re off to a teddy bears’ picnic

7. Like a ‘bos’

8. Enjoying a romantic drive together

9. Wet clothes + live electricity cables = Only in Malta

10. A dog is a biker’s best friend

11. Arriva invent a new use for a traffic cone

12. What could possibly go wrong?

13. Farmers do it doggy style in Nadur

14. Who needs a clothes line anyway?

15. Because the delivery charge was just too much

16. Could it be a new hair salon in Qormi?

17. Now that’s what you call a road hog!

18. There’s free toast on offer in Iklin

19. Yeah, that looks pretty safe from this angle!

20. A tourist sells his ex-girlfriend’s shoes on a bench at St George’s Bay

21. Broken computer? Qormi’s got a shop for that!

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