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Only 11% Of Maltese Waste Is Being Recycled As 88% Goes To Landfills


The majority of waste in Malta is going to landfills as only 11% is being recycled, as figures by the NSO have revealed.



The latest figures have revealed that in 2020, just under 88% of all waste in Malta – roughly 273,729 tonnes, half of which comes from garbage generated by the public – went to landfills.


Wasteserv and ERA to develop landfill management policy in €14 million EU  project


Although the total amount of treated municipal waste actually decreased by 12.5% in 2020, the low uptake in tourist numbers over the pandemic surely left an impact.



Paper and cardboard were the most recycled materials at 51.4% while only 7% of plastic was recycled. However, the amount being recycled increased from the previous year, with 34,796 tonnes having been recycled in 2020 – but it’s still below levels recorded in 2016 and 2017.


New WasteServ sorting line processes nine tonnes of ferrous metal thrown in  black bags every day - The Malta Independent


In comparison to other EU countries, Malta generates one of the highest volumes of municipal waste per capita.



Despite mandatory waste separation being introduced at the end of 2018, Malta still holds one of the lowest rates of recycling.