One of Malta’s Most Popular Morning Festa Marches To Be Held As Usual!


The Presidents of the San Gejtanu and St Joseph Band Clubs of Hamrun have joined forces to announce that the ever-so-popular Sunday March held on the occasion of the San Gejtanu Feast on the 9th August will go ahead as usual. This is a great show of unity between the two band clubs amidst the usual friendly rivalry which exists.

For this celebration to take place, great sacrifices and funds are needed from both Associations, and in everything is being given by the Mayor, the Local Council, the Malta Police Force and the Archpriest of Hamrun. Both band clubs have asked for people to help and donate where possible, since the COVID-19 Pandemic meant that they too had to close down for months, thus also putting a stop on all fundraising endeavours.


2 marċi kbar fil-Ħamrun - tibda l-ġimgħa bl-iktar festi - TVM