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One in seven of us in Malta is not Maltese

One in seven people in Malta is not Maltese, according to new figures from the EU.

Eurostat revealed that 14 per cent of the people living in Malta were born overseas, compared to just 7.8 per cent on average in the EU.

The situation in Luxembourg is the most extreme, with almost half the population, or 47.8 per cent, being made up of ‘foreigners’.

Cyprus is in second place on 17.3 per cent, followed by Austria with 15.8 per cent and Estonia on 14.9 per cent.

Malta is in fifth place overall.

The research showed that 1.3 million Europeans live in one country, but work in another, and 1.7 million EU students study abroad.

Malta granted almost 2,000 citizenships in 2017, the bulk of them to Russians, followed by Saudis and Brits.