One Awesome Encouraging Message…and a Walk Down Memory Lane

Malta’s oldest record shop yesterday posted the sweetest message of hope ever.

D’Amato Records wrote that they have been open for the last 135 years, having survived 2 World Wars, the Spanish Flu, and Recessions, amongst other challenging and hard times.

The post goes on to say that during WWII, when Valletta was the most bombed place on Earth, “we and other shops still remained open. I was told it kept people’s spirits high. In the coming days we will keep on going until we are legally allowed.”

“We will all be bruised but we will come out of this horrid time especially if we all do it with the right attitude!”

“The Maltese are a nation of survivors and no Flu, War or whatever comes our way will get the better of us… keep well, be safe and be strong!”

And just like that, we’re filled with the right dose and courage we need.



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