Nurse speaks out after horror car crash in Gozo

An heroic off-duty nurse who rushed to the scene of a horror car crash in Gozo has urged drivers to slow down on the roads.

Francesca Spiteri Mercieca from Nadur told how the accident happened on the outskirts of Xewkija during Saturday night’s thunderstorm.

Writing on Facebook, she said: ‘I happened to be passing by and couldn’t let my adrenaline stop me and not assist the driver and the passenger, considering my full-time job is to save lives.

‘I just want to deliver a message that you should all enjoy life while you can but try to be careful so as not to harm those around you.’

Francesca added: ‘Life can be taken in a heartbeat and this accident was almost proof of that.

‘Thank you to everyone who stopped and tried to give a helping hand. Good hearts are still instilled in us. Share love no matter what.’

Malta Police said the 23-year-old male driver from Gozo and his 18-year-old female passenger from Britain suffered slight injuries.

Both were taken to Gozo General Hospital in Victoria for treatment following the accident.