You Can Earn Some Cash And Help Save Maltese Marine Biodiversity


In a bid to contain the spread of certain fish species which can damage the sea’s biodiversity around Malta and Gozo. the University of Malta is offering a reward to persons who catch these types of fish, when they encounter them.

One of Malta’s leading Marine Biologists, Alan Deidun told TVM that a fish, known as the Queen Angelfish, together with other alien fish were caught in recent weeks. He said that such fish inflict a lot of damage to the Mediterranean biodiversity.


Queen Angelfish Facts


The Queen Angelfish, was in fact caught in the Freeport area, in recent weeks. Prof. Deidun said that most probably the fish had entered through a vessel’s ballast from the Caribbean. Prof. Deidun stated that this was the second catch of such fish in the Mediterranean, after Croatia. He explained that when these alien species reproduce and become invasive in an area which is not their natural sea, a problem will arise the problem, also posing a risk for indigenous creatures in Malta’s waters.


Reported Lionfish in Maltese waters has marine expert alarmed


Prof Deidun also said that he is expecting the Lion Fish, another invasive fish, to enter in Maltese waters – saying that this too inflicts a lot of damage.