NOW OFFICIAL: Tim Burton Making his TV Directorial Debut with Live-Action Series “Wednesday” [Addams]


It is now official, and we even have the first teaser poster to go with it. Tim Burton will be making his TV Directorial Debut on the Netflix Live-Action Mini-Series, Wednesday, which will circle around the character of Wedensday Addams.

The new series will focus on the young daughter of the Addams family, historically a loner with an incredibly dark sense of humour.



While historically Wednesday has skewed on the younger side depending on the adaptation, Wednesday (the series) will see her arrive at Nevermore Academy, where she’ll learn to control her psychic powers, deal with murderous monsters, and what else, solve a mystery involving her parents.

“Whether it was the classic TV series, the brilliant movies, the recent Broadway musical (which also premiered in Malta last year, where Nadia Vella played Wednesday Addams) or even their guest appearances on Scooby Doo – every time the Addams Family was on a screen, I was watching,” Netflix executive Teddy Biaselli said in a press release.

Nadia Vella played Wednesday Addams in the Malta Premiere of The Addams Family: A New Comedy Musical

“I loved that at every opportunity the Addams skewered so-called ‘normality.’ Their entire existence was a middle finger (attached to a disembodied hand) to the status quo. And none was more rebellious, more avant-garde and more iconic than Wednesday Addams.”

At the moment there is no confirmed cast list, we do hope that Christina Ricci will somehow be involved, while fans all over the globe have been petitioning for Johnny Depp to play Gomez Addams.

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