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Not all heroes wear capes, some donate them

It seems that the second-hand clothing trend is taking the country by storm. From platforms like Depop that let you shop second-hand clothing, and Instagram accounts like Jodz Thrifts that sell second hand clothing for you, the trend is slowly becoming a great alternative to buying new clothes.

Throughout the past couple of weeks, the Eden Leisure Group have been hard at work collecting clothes donations from all the team.

From clothing to preservatives, appliances they no longer use, anything that can be donated to those in need, ELG have managed to collect an impressive amount of donations.

But like the entrepreneurs who are going out of their way to sell the clothes that they no longer use, the cause is more than just earning a bit of cash on the side, or donating to those in need.

The main cause is an environmental one.

The EU alone generates around 90,000 tonnes of textile waste per year and something needs to be done to reduce the amount of waste we are generating.

Although ELG have gathered donations from all the team to donate to those who need them, the initiative was primarily done in part of European week for Waste Reduction week.

Clothes and material donated by ELG employees were delivered to Dar Merhba Bik in Balzan and Appogg in Gwardamangia earlier today. But you don’t need to donate clothes to do your part.

Apart from donating things you no longer make use of, like appliances, or preservatives, food, etc, you can make a difference in the way you shop.

Why not go that extra mile this week?

Thinking of buying a new addition to your wardrobe? Try second hand. Change your ways, reduce your waste!