Nokia Is Bringing Back Its Iconic 2000s Flip Phone


There’s no doubt that 2000s trends are making a comeback – but we didn’t think they’d take it this far… Yep, Nokia is actually attempting to make flip phones a thing again, and honestly, we’re not mad at it…


Nokia 2720 Flip Phone


Introduced back in 2019, Nokia’s 2720 flip phone offers a nostalgic alternative to flashy smartphones laden with high-tech features and apps!



As it stands, the 2720 features a minuscule screen, measuring 2.8 inches. Though the device has 4G internet connectivity, the capability is limited – users can only access basic apps, like Facebook, WhatsApp, Google Assistant, and a web browser.


Nokia 2720 Flip: first look at the nostalgia-inducing clamshell phone |


So, if you’re a minimalist, then this phone’s probably the perfect fit! Plus, its physical keypad will definitely put your T9 texting skills to the test.



Obviously, the retro-style phone is finished off with an exterior display that shows the time, date, and caller ID (remember when that was still new? Yeah, we feel old too).


Unboxing and Hands-on the New Bright Red Nokia 2720 Flip Smart Feature  Phone - YouTube


Impressively, the 2720’s battery life is far longer than smartphones like the iPhone and Samsung Galaxy so yeah – they’re bringing back the days when cell phone users could go days without charging their devices!

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