No License, 20 Countries, 30-Year-Old Car, One Amazing Cause

Neal Aquilina, Sebastian Darmanin Kissaun and Andrea Villa call themselves the Subarians. Why? Because they managed to get a Subaru J10 for a bargain price of less €500. What they’re attempting? Let’s just say it’s going to be the journey of a lifetime.

I mean, we’ve all done something “crazy” during our teen years, but it seems like these three soon-to-be 19, Maltese teens are going on one heck of a road trip.

With no license yet in hand, they’re attempting to drive their way through 20 European countries, in a 30-year-old “rust bucket” in two months, and it’s all for an amazing cause.

They’re not exactly full of mechanical experience… they can barely drive on our side of the road, let alone learn how to drive and focus on driving with everything on the opposite direction, but they’re adamant on driving that 20,000 km for charity.

“We heard about the Mongol Rally from a friend and started researching it,” the trio tells Times Of Malta.

“It is the sort of extreme adventure that always interested us. We decided it would be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and the next thing we knew, we had got our car and had reserved our place.”

They bought their “slightly” run-down car, gave it a good deep cleaning, and put it a lot of work to make it road-ready. The final result? Meet Dommy, the mean-machine that’s going to get these three boys through the Mongol Rally.

“We still need to replace the wheels and rims to be more suitable for the desert conditions and a complete engine overhaul is required to make it possible to get to the finishing line.”

The Mongol Rally starts on July 19 and ends on September 13 next year, but our three boys are ambitious enough to believe they’ll finish it by September 1st. 

After 250 hours of driving, we don’t think these guys are expecting Dommy to make it out in one piece.

But at the end of the day, the boys are doing this for charity and the team plan on donating funds to Cool Earth, which aims to protect rainforests and prevent deforestation,  Dar Bjorn for ALS sufferers and to the tree-planting project Saggar– a pressing issue for the team due to Malta’s high population and car density.

They are aiming to raise €1,500 for charity through GoGetFunding account and Revolut on 7902 3689. Their progress can be followed on socials with the username @subarians

Quotes and some images are taken from the Times Of Malta website.