Nick Jonas sings about getting boners with friends on SNL


Way back when we first starting obsessing over The Jonas Brothers, we never thought we’d listen to Nick Jonas singing about boners on TV.


Nick isn’t new to the SNL scene, but this time we definitely got to see more of his skillset. From two new single debuts, a musical skit about boners and a cameo from his brother Kevin, we were pretty satisfied with how the night turned out. The show opened with the iconic monologue where he reassured his brother (and us) that the band is still together. So, to all you Jo Bros stans out there you can sleep easy tonight.



However, as much as we love the trio together, we won’t say no to some solo Nick content. He performed his single Spaceman for the first time live and also debuted a new song called This is Heaven, not to be confused with the OG Bryan Adams song. Both songs are tracks from his soon-to-be-released album Spaceman, once again not to be confused with the icon Elton John’s Rocketman.



Another surprise debut that we did not know we needed was a song about the joy of getting boners with friends. The song recounts a typical Bachelor’s party and the lyrics are nothing short of what you’d expect. He describes the bonding experience of having mutual erections with friends while watching strippers dance. We weren’t sure of what 2021 had to offer, but if it’s more intimate songs about the Jonas Brothers we’re excited for the ride.


SNL will be back on 27th March with Maya Rudolph’s as host. Until then, Alexa play Happiness Begins on repeat.


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