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Secret bunker to open for first time in Malta

A newly-discovered secret bunker will open to the public in Malta this weekend.

The huge shelter was found by accident sitting underneath the former David Bruce Royal Naval Hospital in Mtarfa.

It also includes an underground emergency operating theatre.

Jason Micallef from the Valletta 2018 Foundation told 89.7 Bay: ‘The emergency shelter beneath the hospital served as an important hideaway and escape route for patients and staff during the war.

‘This magnificent unique shelter, which is six floors deep, has never been open to the public before.

‘This will be a unique opportunity to get a glance of this historical masterpiece.’

The tunnel will be open on Sunday 11 November as part of this year’s edition of Military Mtarfa.

Organised by Mtarfa Local Council, with the support of the Valletta 2018 Foundation, the event will be held from 10.30am to 5pm.

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