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New Years Resolutions We All Know We Are Not Going to Keep


January is nearing its end, but year after year, we make resolutions that we aim to keep – but we never really do… Just before we celebrate the start of the new year, we think up all the things we want to improve and make an ENTIRE list. So without further ado, here are a few resolutions that if you haven’t started doing yet, or tried for a week then gave up, then you’ll probably save them for next year…


Eating Healthy & Starting a Diet.


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We ALL know how this goes okay, we say that we’re going to find time in our routine to meal prep, to save money from not buying takeout, to work out every day. Yeah, *cue tremendous laughter*. You best know that by Mid-January, we’re ordering Chinese but hey! There’s always next Monday, right? There are some people who manage to stick with this though, and it’s pretty admirable, but we can’t all be God’s chosen ones…



Working Out


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Remember that promise you made to yourself about working out to get ‘summer body ready’? HAH. Realistically speaking, we students have exams in January – so, we’d have to start training in February – I don’t really have a valid excuse for the rest of you though…but I’m sure you have one! Then it’s suddenly April, and we’re NOWHERE close to our goals, at least we ate some good food though!


Be More Punctual


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Let’s admit it, some of us have the tendency of being late, you know…everywhere we go…and that may or may not include me. And for the millionth time in our lifetimes, we decided to start being more punctual and calculate the necessary time for us to get ready – but what can I say? Shit happens. Like when my winged eyeliner is not equally thick, or when my contacts won’t go in, or I overslept…



Save Money



Again, I’ve tried this multiple times to no avail. Even with COVID and everything, you would think you would be able to save money because well, you know there isn’t really a lot of places to spend it at…but I mean…there is only shopping for clothes, makeup, skincare, sports gear…and ordering food takeaway? Does that count as an investment? You are investing in yourself after all…


What’s a new years resolution you can never seem to keep?