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New Year’s Resolutions: Tips To Follow

2021 has been quite the year, which makes a fresh start in 2022 enticing. For some, this may imply establishing a New Year’s resolution to help them get the year off to a good start. The problem is that typical New Year’s resolutions almost always fail, so here are some useful tips to follow when planning such resolutions:



  1. Pick not more than 3Resolutions should not be looked at in the short term, but rather on a long-term basis. The benefits of quitting smoking, reducing countless hours of procrastination on social media and reducing consumer expenditure on unnecessary items are a few examples of what one can choose this New Year. When setting goals, the idealistic manner is one-by-one and New Year’s resolutions should be the same. People who would like to lose weight for example can set one goal – losing weight, with two variables which will set the person to his/her ideal state: increase exercise and eat healthier.
  2. Commit to a specific actionUseless boasting and talking about how many and what you plan on doing without getting to action and committing with determination to achieve it. Get yourself marking your calendars and allocate time for your goal, otherwise it will remain as is.

  3. KISS: Keep It Simple Stupid
    This acronym is typically used in the world of computing, but it can also be applied in this scenario too. Why complicate matters when you know it is impossible. The following examples aren’t good for the New Year’s resolutions: going to space or flying everyday to school to avoid traffic.
  4. Monitor progressionLife has become so fast-paced that losing track of where you stand can easily occur. Recording daily/weekly your progress is essential to help you achieve your resolution. There are various ways to do this starting with the most traditional method: pen and paper, to an app which tracks habits or allows you to record such goals or select an accountability partner to help you with your goals. The partner should be someone who is encouraging and positive as otherwise this will feel worse and harder to achieve.