New Service Launched To Help You Check On When Your Vouchers Are Arriving


Economy minister Silvio Schembri has announced that during the first week since the €100 vouchers started being used, over 1.5 million euros had been spent in businesses across the islands.


Over 81,000 people downloaded government vouchers - Newsbook


During a press conference about the distribution of the vouchers, Schembri revealed that over 80,000 vouchers had been delivered by mail up to yesterday. This comes after 118,000 people downloaded their vouchers online in the past weeks, and so could start using their vouchers as of June 7.



The vouchers remain valid until 15 September and can be used across 3,800 outlets, 2,473 restaurants or places of accommodation, and 172 establishments offering both services. This means that 6,500 business are currently accepting the Government vouchers.


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Schembri also added that this time around, there are 690 new outlets that are accepting the vouchers. He also explained that the householder must present their identity card and sign upon receiving the vouchers by post.



If no one is at home when the post person arrives, the residents must call to collect their vouchers from the nearest Post Office branch against the presentation of their ID card.


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And in case you’d like to check where your vouchers at, Schembri even announced a service that allows non-recipients to check on the vouchers’ progress and find out exactly when they will be delivered.


You can check on yours now by logging on to:!