New Remote Control Baby Yoda Will Follow You Around The House


Baby Yoda has not only become an incredibly meme-popular icon; he has also snuck his way into millions of hearts. Like, let’s be real, he’s too cute for the Star Wars universe. I guarantee that a large number of Baby Yoda’s fans have fallen in love with him without even watching The Mandalorian, which just goes to show what an icon this cute little thing has become.

Now, enough fangirling, let’s talk news!



Toy giant Mattel have announced their release of ‘The Child Real Move Plush’ (“The Child” is what Baby Yoda is referred as in the series). Now you might just think this little guy will waddle around like he does so adorably in the series, but you would be extremely wrong!



To your, and especially my, delight, he will actually follow you around! No, of course, he won’t go to mindlessly stumble around, what were you thinking?! This Baby Yoda will follow you around just like in the series and can be controlled from a Star Wars-themed wrist-strap!

Isn’t this the best thing ever!



Now not only can it follow you around, like that wasn’t already enough, but you can also control his ears, head, and arms, make him do tricks like spin around, and even set him in hiding and seek mode! This little guy is coming out just in time to welcome the second season of The Mandalorian.

You might be saying, “Dave, this all great, but we know with all these amazing features it’s guaranteed to be pretty expensive.” Well, I’m gonna be honest, it’s a surprising $69.99! Like, talk about value for money!

I don’t know about you, but Intern Dave might just himself up a new little friend this Christmas!