New Maltese Balcony Cat Shelters In Marsa


The Marsa Local Council came up with a new initiative to create more shelter spaces for stray cats around the town!


The Mayor of Marsa Josef Azzopardi was proud to present Marsa’s new cat shelters in the form of colourful traditional Maltese balconies. The funds received by the local council to create this project were used not only to build the cat shelters, but also to buy cat food for stray cats.


closeup photography of two orange tabby cat and tortoiseshell cat on concrete stairs


Azzopardi also explained how their new shelter idea was completely original and how they wanted to relate it to the Maltese culture. Each shelter contains cat food and can fit up to 6 cats in each one. These shelters were made from marine plywood to protect the cats from cold winter weather and can hold up to six cats in each one.


“A dream that came to reality. We kept the Maltese traditions in mind and created original cat shelters… we drew it and today we got the result.” – Mayor Josef Azzopardi


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