New Guidelines For 2020 Holy Communions And Confirmations Revealed

Following the news that the sacraments of First Holy Communion and Confirmation will be taking place in the next three months, the Church has published guidelines for people participating in these celebrations to follow.

Measures will also be taken to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 virus. 
  • Social distancing must be maintained at all times
  • All parents who feel it’s unsafe for them and their children to receive the sacraments can opt for their children to receive them next year
  • It is suggested that everyone attending the celebration should wear simple clothing and not necessarily a dress that is traditionally worn on these occasions
  • Parents and children will be seated together, at a distance from other families, and will not be required to wear a mask for First Holy Communion celebrations
  • No ‘Paci Mieghek’ handshakes are allowed
  • When it comes to Confirmation, adolescents receiving the sacrament will sit in a place reserved for them together with their godparents.
  • Group photos between children will not be allowed
  • No one is allowed to move around in the church, not even to take photos or videos. This service, however, will be provided by a photographer hired by the parish.
  • The oil anointing tradition synonymous to Confirmation will be done using a different cotton wool for each person to avoid contact as much as possible.
  • In the case of First Holy Communion, only one priest approaches the children, while other priests will administer Communion to those remaining.

All these measures will come into effect as from 27th June 2020