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New Dnegel? Malta Picks Some Questionable Names for a Baby Girl…

A post on popular Facebook group Are You Being Served asked for some suggestions for baby girl names…

You would think that the nation learned from the last time this happened … I think we all remember the Dnegel situation.

But alas, over 200 people have given their contribution with names they deem fit for a baby girl, and as you can imagine, the trolls came out to play.

Some of these are highly questionable… but oh so amusing to go through.

From Mafalda to Adneggel (leggenda bil-maqlub) the trolls really had a field day!

I’m sorry, but Derston just floored me. He’s out there living in the year 2050, while we’re stuck in 2020… I can’t stop laughing.

Y’all just gotta find 10 minutes of your time, and go through the comments section of this post. I promise you at least 5 minutes of non-stop laughter.

You have got to hand it to us Maltese, when push comes to shove, our creativity sure thrives.

Sadly, the comments have been switched off for the post … but luckily for us, what’s already on there is pure comedy gold, so enjoy!

There were, of course, the sensible ones that gave proper suggestions

We even gathered the content team and asked them what they think the perfect name for a baby girl would be, and surprisingly, we all agreed on one particular, ever so beautiful name, that would be great for an adorable baby girl: Thea.

Isn’t it just lovely? Doesn’t it sound ever so graceful? (The author of this article may or may not have that name)

What would you name a baby girl? Let us know in the comments!