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New Dating App For Unvaccinated People Set To Launch In Australia



A new dating app specifically for those who refuse to get vaccinated is set to launch in Australia soon. The new app called ‘Pure Match’ has been appearing online promising to be the only dating app for unvaccinated Aussies!


Dating App Specifically For Unvaccinated Aussies Set To Launch


Although 74% of Australia’s population believe in getting jabbed, the minority of people have been trying to spread misinformation about the vaccine since the beginning of the pandemic. Pure Match intends to allow interaction between those that haven’t received the jab in a safe way. The app also sounds like it wants to provide unvaccinated people with a place where they can openly speak about and share their beliefs without fear.



Pure Match’s website surpassed the commonly asked question ‘are you vaccinated?’ by saying “We’re here to help everyone with the same answer find each other.” They also promise to keep things simple by allowing users to ‘filter very fast’ and have smarter matching algorithms for a ‘cool community’.


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However, Pure Match wasn’t the first dating app for the unvaxxed. ‘Unjected’ was the first to be launched earlier this year but had to be removed from the App Store twice. The creators of this app Shelby Thomson and Heather Pyle commented that Apple’s decision to remove them from App Store was ‘asinine’.  Shelby Thomson claimed that Unjected was dedicated for those that believe in the vaccine but against being forced to receive it.



Do you think that Malta should have a dating app for unvaccinated people?