New Cablecar System Could Be Coming To Malta To Solve Traffic Problems


With car use unsustainably building up with 58 new cars per day, there has been ample talk over recent years about metros and monorails in Malta. However, such implementations would cost billions of Euros and would take decades to build.


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So, this is where Cableways come in – to help solve Malta’s traffic problems without breaking the local economy, and without burdening the hard-pressed taxpayer. Plus, they’re all built in less than 2 years.



Skyline is an urban transport development company with a base in Malta that is aiming to build Cableways above the roads to soar above the congestion below. Notably, Cableways are the fastest growing form of urban transport around the globe, with many cities looking into its viability.


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Not only are Cableways a fun way to travel, but they are also powered by clean energy and release zero carbon emissions. The system works together with small electric buses which feed the village cores – seamless, no timetable needed, as a cabin will come along in just a few seconds, and most people would be within a 10-minute walk of a station!



On top of that, Cableways are always a massive hit with tourists, funding the regular user whilst keeping ticket prices the same as current bus fares. One Cableway line can also transport 10,000 people per hour, which equals 2,000 full cars or 200 full buses.


red and black cable car


In a recent independent focus group carried out locally, 81% of people were positive about Cableway and crucially, 78% of private transport users said they would switch to Cableway. This would take thousands of cars off the roads, enabling people to walk, cycle, and scooter in a safe, clean environment.


Who knows? Maybe the Cableway could get more people out of their cars and become a symbol of Malta, just like the iconic buses used to be!

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