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Netflix Confirms Renewal of ‘Selling Sunset’ & ‘Bling Empire’


The popular streaming giant has confirmed that there will be new seasons for both Selling Sunset and Bling Empire.



That’s right, Netflix has renewed both hit reality shows, and given the current situation, we’re thankful to have more binge-worthy hits coming our way!



More specifically, fans can look forward to two more seasons of Selling Sunset, a luxury real estate show that serves eyebrow-raising drama with a side of impressive properties. All main cast members were also confirmed to return, and yes, that includes Romain.



Meanwhile, Bling Empire is a docusoap following a community of incredibly wealthy Asian Los Angelenos. It has been renewed for a second season, but Netflix is yet to confirm which cast members will return.


Release dates are also yet to be announced, so make sure to stay tuned for more!