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…and He is at it Again! Neil Agius takes on New Challenge for Wave of Change Malta!


Looks like we’re kicking off December and ending the year with a bang, as Olympian and record-breaker, Neil Agius, accepts a new challenge for Wave of Change Malta.


Just a mere four months ago, on the 25th of June, ultra-endurance swimmer and environmentalist Agius undertook the challenge of swimming from Sicily to Malta. 33 hours of non-stop swimming later, he completely smashed the challenge.



And now, in the fickle and freezing waters of December seas, Agius will be swimming whilst dragging Mixu (Michel L J Galea) across the Gozo channel, who will dress as Santa Claus for the occasion!

With this funny yet interesting stunt, Neil and Michel are hoping to raise awareness about issues related to obesity. Neil will mentor Michel to help him accomplish the goal, he has in fact prepared a holistic weight loss programme with the intention of motivating Michel to a total change in lifestyle.



Neil has teamed up with nutritional therapist, Sara Borg from Balance and will also be working with other professionals and other top key players in the wellbeing industry, including Pilates instructors and Yoga teachers.

The campaign includes meal plans for both Neil’s challenge and for Mixu’ diet. Mixu will be provided with a meal per day, especially prepared by Dr. Juice, to assist him and motivate him further into reaching his objective.

This challenge will help promote the importance of physical activity and the inclusion of regular exercise as part of our daily routines. Care for the environment remains at the core of Wave of Change, further awareness about plastic pollution will be included into this campaign too, by encouraging people to go for a walk, exercise and at the same time ‘pick up 3 pieces of plastic’ from our country side and neighbourhoods.


Mixu, Neil and all the Wave of Change team encourage all those who would like to take up the weight loss challenge together with Mixu by posting their progress and motivation during our social media campaign. Together we are stronger, let us all #uniteforchange.