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Neil Agius Has Broken The World Record For The Longest Continuous & Unassisted Swim


Local swimmer and sensation Neil Agius has just broken the maritime World Record of swimming for the longest continuous, unassisted, current-neutral swim along a single-segment from Linosa to Malta! The epic swim in international waters totalled a route of 124km.


Agius, who previously shared that this route was ‘something that has never been done before’, has just arrived in Xlendi, Gozo after not only attempting, but crushing the cross-continental swim in 50 hours.



Throughout the challenge, Agius did not rest or touch the boat, he swam through sunrises, sunsets, and through the darkness. He swam for 28 and a half minutes at a time, taking a one-minute break for water, liquid meals, and any painkillers.


Agius was in very good hands, with his entire crew and recent fiancé, Lara, in the boat cheering him on throughout the challenge. This comes after last year when Agius became the second person in history to swim from Sicily to Malta in a record-breaking 28 hours, 7 minutes, and 27 seconds.



However, it is crucial to note that all of these challenges came in an effort to raise awareness for the environmental campaign Wave of Change, and with this epic challenge, Agius simply doubled the wave.


For anyone who wishes to show support, even after the completion of the challenge, you can pick up 6 pieces of plastic, post a video of yourself on social media doing 6 reps of your favourite exercise with the pieces of plastic in the video, and tag @waveofchangemalta and use #doublethewave.


Well done Neil Agius, for making Malta proud once again!