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Neil Agius Forced To Cancel Swim Due To Jellyfish Stings

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Neil Agius had to abandon the 100-mile swim challenge on Tuesday, June 27, 2023, at 03:56 am due to being stung by multiple jellyfish.
Around 01:00 am, approximately 46 kilometers into the Mallorca – Ibiza channel swim, Neil encountered a swarm of jellyfish. Despite enduring several stings and attempting to continue the swim for almost four hours, the swelling and pain caused by the stings became too severe. Consequently, Neil made the voluntary decision to prioritize safety and abandon the swim.
“It’s disheartening to see all the effort we invested in this challenge come to an untimely end. I felt strong and prepared to complete the entire distance, but fate had different plans.
This sport I’ve chosen relies on numerous variables, some within our control and unfortunately, others not. I want to express my gratitude to all our supporters who cheered us on and stood by us throughout the past ten months.
The true challenge of ocean conservation remains, and I will return.”
The fleet is now heading back to Mallorca, seeking safe harbor, where a press conference will be held to provide further updates.