Need That Extra Push? Cynergi Are Now Offering Home Personal Training Packages!

Having online classes available to us is amazing. Getting up, picking which workout we feel like doing for the day, and spending the next 30 minutes or so in sync with the trainer on the video has given us some form of purpose in day that we would have probably spent binge-watching and binge-eating .

But for some of us, sometimes, you just need that someone to give you that extra push, a bit of advice on how to go about your diet goals and the motivation to stick to your weekly workouts … which is why Cynergi is now getting all up and personal, from the comfort of our home .

Their new PT programme includes:

– An online meeting in order to discuss your goals
– Personalized training regime
– Follow-up online weekly meetings
– Nutrition advice
– Daily availability for queries

And maybe you need someone to make sure you’re doing your workouts properly … or to make sure you’re doing your workouts period. In that case, Cynergi are also offering live online 1 on 1 PT sessions are also available at special prices.

Contact [email protected] to get started.

Stay Home. Stay Cynergized 💪

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